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Logo Design

The purpose of a logo’s design is to create immediate recognition and inspire trust, admiration and loyalty while providing an implied superiority. It is the symbol that should be able to represent a company now and for decades to come. As a graphic designer I take great pride in bringing my knowledge and expertise to businesses to ensure their logo represents who they are, and makes them stand out among the competition. 

Branding / Identity

A company's brand is the perceived emotion or feeling felt by the public. As a marketer I'm able to sit down and help you identify or re-establish your brand. Then through visual elements I'll build out a strong visual foundation for the brand to insure that your company's voice and values are represented throughout everything that you do.

B&B Business Cards

B&B Business Cards

Marketing Materials

Using your new logo and branding elements effectively is important keeping your business consistent in its marketing efforts. I am able to produce the marketing materials necessary for your business to thrive in print media and on the web. 


Free Consultation

Are you interested in learning more about what I can do for your business, or have additional questions? Click here to schedule a free consultation session with me. These consultations are available in person, if located in southwest Florida, or on the phone. 




Why shouldn't I just use a site like Fiverr?

Check out this article explaining why Fiverr is a danger to your company. In this article, you'll see that the designers on Fiverr are stealing others work, passing it off as their own and lying about the price. It is also likely they won't give you the design files or copyright needed to use for future projects.

All of my designs are original and built for success. I will share the design process with you, as my client, to give you confidence in the integrity of your new logo. You will have all of the rights to your design and will not have to pay any hidden fees to get the quality you deserve.


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