About Me

My name is Chris Clements and I am a graphic designer living in Southwest Florida. I have a beautiful wife, a cat, and a love for crisp lines and bold logos. I've spent over five years in the design industry working for a fundraising platform called CrowdRise, based out of the Metro Detroit area. In January of 2017, CrowdRise was bought by GoFundMe, the fundraising giant. While at CrowdRise I had the opportunity to work beside  some amazing companies such as Disney, Lucasfilm, The Boston Marathon, Nike, etc.

Being able to work with big businesses has inspired me to empower other businesses that may not have the same resources at hand to succeed. A company's logo is their first impression to customers, and it should grab their attention. My job is to make sure your logo and branding represents your company in every way. Too many times, I've found an amazing pizza place or a great coffee house that I would have never normally gone into just because their logo and branding screamed that they were mediocre. It's time to change that. 

I'd love to work with you and help take your company to the next level by bringing a new sense of professionalism and superiority to your image. Please Contact Me if you're interested in working together or if you have any questions.